• Name:
    Jason Langrish
  • Level:
    Key Stage 4 (G.C.S.E)
  • DRB Checked:
  • Availability:
    Monday to Friday 9am-9pm
  • Travelling Tutor:
  • Hourly Rate:
    £30-£40 dependant on level of tuition and distance.
  • Subjects:
    • Maths

I want all my students to be able to develop their understanding of mathematics rather than just learning how to answer a question. I show my students how the maths we are learning links to the real word and with other topics within mathematics and other subjects. I try to work with their class teacher in following the methods they are being taught at school but will use different methods as appropriate if they are struggling. I set homework weekly which is assessed at the start each session unless it is a longer piece or exam paper which is taken away and marked and brought back to the next session. I plan topics which are linked to previous learning in order to develop the bigger picture of mathematics but have excellent subject matter so am able to change my plan if the student wishes to look at another area that might have arisen as a problem in school/college. I also like my students to be proactive and get in touch if they wish to cover a particular topic which wasn't mentioned at the end of the previous session. 

I am a qualified teacher with a BSc in Mathematics. I have worked in both secondary schools and secondary schools with sixth forms. I have experience in intervention and one to one tutoring within a high school setting. I have also prepared groups of pupils for Further/Additional Maths at GCSE Level. I have been very successful in improving under achieving students to achieve their target grade both as a tutor and teacher. As a father I know how important our children achieving their best is to all parents. Highlights from the exam results in 2016 include an A level student moving from a E to a B:  an GCSE student moving from an F to a C after just  three months tutoring!  Another GCSE pupil moving from a C to an A. I have also tutored adults including tutoring on university assignments and individual modules. I am fully up to date with changes in the curriculum both in the new GCSE's (1-9 grades) and the new Primary school SATS.

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