About Us

About Us

1. How much does it cost to register as a tutor and advertise with Direct Tutors?

It is free to register and advertise your services as a tutor with Direct Tutors.

2. How will I hear from potential tutees?

Direct Tutors will e-mail you when a prospective tutee expresses interest in using your services as a tutor. Please respond to the request as soon as possible either to accept, decline or request further details.

3. How much does Direct Tutors charge parents /carers for their services?

Direct Tutors charges a 'one-off' fee of £18.00 payable only when the client is happy with the chosen tutor. Direct Tutors do not take an on-going percentage fee from subsequent lessons. 

4. When and how do I begin tuition?

Once the tutee has accepted your offer of tuition and details, Direct Tutors will send contact details to both parties so you can arrange tuition at your earliest convenience.

5. Can I tutor on-line or from a distance?

Yes, some tutors tutor on-line via email, Skype, telephone or a combination of these means of communication. This is particularly valuable for tutees in more remote areas or for specialised subjects.

If you are an excellent tutor or teacher and really want to help tutees make rapid progress, Direct Tutors needs you!

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